Seasonal Activities

So I was looking for some Winter Activites for my 1st graders and came upon another WordPress Teacher’s Blog… Compton Coaches!   When you have a chance please stop by this blog of WONDERFUL teacher resouces. 🙂

Click on the links below to find great Seasonal Activities to do with  your students!

From Laura Candler

November Activities

For directions to these activities, download the 21-page November Activities Mini Pack. Preview the entire packet online and learn how to get your copy!

Winter Activities


January Activities

February and Winter Activities

March Activities


End of the School Year


  • Back-to-School Activities
  • Fall Math Activities
    • Fall 2005 Math Activities: include Measurement Man, pumpkin activities, symmetric faces, coordinate graphing, samples of student work, literature connections and problem solving,
    • Fall 2006 Math Activities: include fall math activities, spider games, bat math, fall glyphs, fall coordinate graphing activities, fall problem solving and additional fall math activities
    • Fall 2007 Math Activities: include spider math, bat math, math-literature connections, problem solving, coordinate graphing games and activities and fall glyphs.
  • Winter Math Activities
    • Winter 2005 Math Activities: include Koch Snowflake, Penguin Math, Snowflake Activities, Snowman Problem Solving, Literature Connections, Winter Glyphs, Winter Data Collection, Gingerbread Activities, Winter Coordinate Graphing, Holiday Problem Solving, and samples of student work.
    • Winter 2006 Math Activities: include penguin math, winter coordinate graphing activities, snowflake activities, literature connections, winter glyphs, winter problem solving and links to additional online activities
    • Winter 2007 Math Activities: include Winter Geometry, Pattern Block Snowflakes, Snowman Math, Penguin Math, Gingerbread Math, Winter glyphs, Winter Coordinate Graphing Activities, Winter Problem Solving, Winter Math-Literature Connections, and Links to Winter Math Activities on the web.
    • February 2006 Math Activities, updated for 2007, include Freedom Quilts, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Winter Olympics
    • Valentine’s Day 2008 Math Activities include Valentine Probability, Valentine Discrete Math, Valentine Quilts, and Valentine Symmetric Faces.
  • 100th Day of School Activities
  • Earth Day Activities
    • Earth Day Activities includes suggestions and links to help teachers include math activities on this important day.

Again, thank you to Compton Coaches for sharing the wealth of information!

“Everything good that I know was taught to me by great teachers and I feel like giving back and sharing the technique is the thing to do.”
       –  Betty Buckley

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