Tell us about China Miss Hunter | Q & A from Students

So for a few days now, I have had teachers to inbox me via Facebook, Instagram, and even my travel blog SnapChat to ask me questions about China.  These questions aren’t from the teachers, but from their students. So this is … Continue reading

I’ve Found My Teacher’s Mojo!!

It’s 2:37 am and I found it!  I have found my Teacher’s Mojo!

This year it is my goal to use Whole Brain Teaching…follow me as I learn and teach this wonderful method!

WBT 2k13!

Curious? Click the link below….



My Passion…Teaching

*DISCLAIMER* I am still quite ill and haven’t gain full vision yet, so please excuse the typos in the posts that may be posted for a while. Thank you all very much.*

I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about my career….teaching/educating. I actually just had a conversation with a sales clerk about it. Her friend wants to relocate to another area and do inner city. I told the clerk to tell her friend to pray.

Why pray? See I’ve grown to learn that even though this may be MY passion it might not be that way for everyone else. Inner city school is NOT a walk in the park.

Please believe me…I LOVE my students, but it’s not just them. I also deal with parents, administration, the state, the city, and anyone else who thinks they can do my job or thinks what I do is “easy breezy lemon squeezy”.

I have a PASSION for the education system. Now with that being said, I’m not sure what’s in store for me….my concern at the moment is getting better!! I know that God will place me where I need to be when I need to be.

MzHunnaTeaches (

it’s only 8:00…when students make you cry

today is just one of those days. head’s up, please excuse any grammar mistakes. and yes, i know that i am typing in all lowercase.

i feel as if my heart has been snatched out of my chest. i’m learning that being disappointed is a lot worse than being mad or upset.

right now that’s where i am…pure and utter disappointment.  all the trust that i have in my class as a whole has been crushed, and i’m not sure what to do.

yes, i know they are ONLY 1st graders. but we’ve been together since AUGUST!!

*loooooooong sigh*

*repeats over and over* May 24 11:30am

I QUIT! and other teacher thoughts…

**NOTICE** I want to preface this post by saying that I LOVE love my career!

There are days when I come home so tired. Where all I want to do is to climb into the bed and sleep. By the time I go to sleep my alarm is already going off and I wake up thinking “didn’t I JUST fall asleep? Is it 5:30 am ALREADY!?”

I get to work praying that all goes well, but this day….THIS day I realize why a large amount of educators go to Happy Hour after work.

Here are some things that run through my mind and the minds of fellow educators…

– Did I JUST get cussed out?! AGAIN?!
– Jesus, please have this child to be quiet
– If only I had enough sick days…
– Is it Friday yet?!
– It MUST be a full moon outside
– Your pencil should be talking, not your mouth.

But after all of this, I get this….

– Miss Hunter I love you
– Miss Hunter you look just like me! We’re both black.
– Hey Miss Hunter?! Are you ok… ((hug))
– *looks in my eyes* you’re so beautiful
– I like your hair
– I like your shoes
– Miss Hunter thank you for helping me read

So ever when I want to walk out the back door and get into Sterling (my silver Envoy)…I don’t, I won’t, and I can’t!! WHY?! This is my career…this is NOT a job AND I LOVE my students.

I remember that I can make my students do what others will NEVER be able to….

Thank you Taylor Mali for the WONDERFUL reminder….