Classroom Convos Part 2 | China

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Classroom Convos Part 1 | China

Students engaging in conversation is a norm in any classroom around the world. However, I’m learning that student-student and student-teacher conversation  here in my classroom in China is down right hilarious at times.

Two words…language barriers.

Now, just to remind everyone, I don’t teach English.  I am a certified teacher and I teach at an American International School.

Below you find a few of the conversations that took place today. Enjoy!


*Lunch Time*

Me: Hey guys?! Please don’t use your fingers to eat your rice.  We don’t use our hands to eat.

Class: Yes Miss Mahlaaaaah…

Me: Wait…sometimes we do use our hands! Never mind just don’t use you hands to eat your rice.

A: Miss Mahla we use hands with chicken?!

Me: yes sweetie, like I showed you. Instead of wrapping the chicken leg in a napkin.

A: YES! Oh Miss Maaaaahlaaaaah! We use hand for candy…aaaaaaaaand cake. Your birthday cake you make was so good. AAAAAANNNND….

Me: ok ok ok…your right sometimes we can use our hands!

A: *continues to name foods to eat with hands*


*Playing with block*

Students are speaking Chinese


A: oooookay ok ok ok ok ok!


*I visit one of the Pre-K classrooms*


V: *eyes open very big looking at me* oooooooh weeeeee CHOOOCOOOLAAAAATE!!


DI (Director): Marla could you drop these floor maps off at the other classrooms?


*enters other 5YO Classroom*


Me: hey guys!

L: It’s Miss Mahlaaaaaah!

Students: *repeating* Miss Mahla

Me: *laughing*

Teacher Assistant: Guys you’re so loud! Miss Marla is a celebrity in here


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