Classroom Convos Part 4 | China

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Classroom Convos Part 2 | China

Welcome to another edition of “Classroom Convos”. Below you find a few of the conversations that took place today. Enjoy! ______ So one of the 4 YO teachers came to me and told me this. Student:  Teacher! There is your … Continue reading

You know you’re an elementary teacher when…


– there is a strong MUST for a Tattle Tale in your classroom.

– you know way more about your student’s families than you will ever want to know.

– your class has had/passed every form of contagious infection/fungus/infestation known to children (common cold, lice, ringworm…. check)

– you have at least three little boys that can NEVER sit still (at seats or on the carpet)

– you take the entire class to the restroom and once back in the room (in no less than 5 minutes) at least two children must go to the restroom, and it is an emergency.

– your students bust out in random song during read alouds (mostly KISS).

– there is one little girl in the class that believes she knows more about teaching than you and insists that when she is a teacher, students will only get only one chance and then be sent to the principal’s office.

– you can not enter a store without looking at something and saying, “Could I use this in my classroom?”

– many good names you have considered for your future children are now scarred.

– you realize that at the end of a long day, although you are exhausted beyond belief, you could not have chosen a more rewarding profession and you would not change it for the world.

Mz Hunter Teaches

I’m Sorry Miss Hunter..but I couldn’t get your change


My students are little pranksters…

Some time during the day I call my ones,

Me: ummm…. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaby?!
Student: you want me to go get you a Dr. Pepper Miss Hunter
Me: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees..please lol
Student: and i know, i know! NO diet and bring back yo change!

I usually send two responsible students on this “mission”. But I have a few student who like to try and “trick” me. Telling me that they got me a diet or they couldn’t reach my change.

Now the change thing I can understand. I teach 1st grade and most of them have tiny hands and fingers, BUT I have a few giants in my classroom lol.

pics 001pics 002 Student 1: uuuuuh oooooh…Miss Hunter I got you a diet *snickering*
Me: mmmmhmmm
Student 2: mmmhmmm Miss Hunna! I forgot…well I couldn’t reach your change….. *trying to hide a smile*

Me: y’all betta stop playing with meeeeeeeeee! lol lol
Students: ooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Just a little bit of humour for the rest of your day…