Classroom Convos Part 4 | China

Welcome to another edition of “Classroom Convos”. Below you find a few of the conversations that took place over the last few days. Enjoy! A: get off the LaLa Land K: what does LaLa Land mean?! A: it means she guys … Continue reading

Classroom Convos Part 1 | China

Students engaging in conversation is a norm in any classroom around the world. However, I’m learning that student-student and student-teacher conversation  here in my classroom in China is down right hilarious at times.

Two words…language barriers.

Now, just to remind everyone, I don’t teach English.  I am a certified teacher and I teach at an American International School.

Below you find a few of the conversations that took place today. Enjoy!


*Lunch Time*

Me: Hey guys?! Please don’t use your fingers to eat your rice.  We don’t use our hands to eat.

Class: Yes Miss Mahlaaaaah…

Me: Wait…sometimes we do use our hands! Never mind just don’t use you hands to eat your rice.

A: Miss Mahla we use hands with chicken?!

Me: yes sweetie, like I showed you. Instead of wrapping the chicken leg in a napkin.

A: YES! Oh Miss Maaaaahlaaaaah! We use hand for candy…aaaaaaaaand cake. Your birthday cake you make was so good. AAAAAANNNND….

Me: ok ok ok…your right sometimes we can use our hands!

A: *continues to name foods to eat with hands*


*Playing with block*

Students are speaking Chinese


A: oooookay ok ok ok ok ok!


*I visit one of the Pre-K classrooms*


V: *eyes open very big looking at me* oooooooh weeeeee CHOOOCOOOLAAAAATE!!


DI (Director): Marla could you drop these floor maps off at the other classrooms?


*enters other 5YO Classroom*


Me: hey guys!

L: It’s Miss Mahlaaaaaah!

Students: *repeating* Miss Mahla

Me: *laughing*

Teacher Assistant: Guys you’re so loud! Miss Marla is a celebrity in here


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Mz. Hunna I’m So Sweeepy…

So I’m lying in my bed watching “So You Think You Can Dance”….side note I adore Cyrus!! woot woot….and I’m reflecting on my day.

My students went outside today, but they had to sit out for some time because they misbehaved during lunch. After recess is our Math Block, my favourite subject, and after Math I let my students put their head down on their desk.

Omg…within the minute they fell asleep. I woke them up for Reading Intervention and asked them to go to the carpet before be lined up. I turned to answer my classroom phone for a sec and then came back to find this….


My babies had fallen back to sleep in a blink of an eye!! Who says first graders don’t need “nap time”?!

He Put a Ring On It – Teacher Presents from Students


So today I’m blogging on the run. Yes, I took a 1/2 day that turned into a full day…medical stuff and the meds I got is starting to kick in so let me finish this post as quickly as I can. lol

So my duty at the school is Bus Duty. I am one of the teachers in charge of the 2nd bus riders. Well yesterday as I’m waiting for students to come into the auditorium I get a series of hugs and kisses from past and present students and some students who I haven’t had.

One student in particular comes up to me and says, “Miss Hunter, we went to the Cat Cash store today and I bought something.”. He holds out in his hand one of those metal smiley face rings. He then says, “I really didn’t want it. I got it for you Miss Hunter. Do you want my ring?!”

Inside I am laughing because all I’m hearing is Beyonce’s song “Put a Ring On It”. I finally answer him yes and he then says, “let me put it on for you.” and of course I let him.



Do you see my ring?!? Doesn’t it look gorgeous?! lol….the things we do for our students.

When The Roof Caved In – A Teacher’s WORST Classroom Disaster

So today began the 5th week of school here.  Yes, we have been in school since August 1st! And yes again, we have started year round school… with that being said on to the post of the day.

Today I walked into the school building at 6:30 am.  I had so much to do: like putting up my “I Can” Statements, changing the date on the board (so as NOT to hear “Mz. Hunna?! That’s the wrong code date!”), and clean off my Guided Reading Table (my principal is coming around this week to do Look-Sees).

As soon as I walk into the building a hear the sound of women heels walking in the hall, and I turn to see one my favorite Kindergarten teachers.  The beckons me to her classroom and then points to the ceiling. And to my horror this is what I see… 


As you can see from the pictures this teacher came back to her classroom over the Labour Day Holiday to a SERIOUS falling ceiling.  NOT only was her ceiling falling, but the lights in the classroom were not working as well.

What a WONDERFUL way to start you day!!

Happy Teaching Everyone! May your ceiling always remain in tact and your light always working!