teacher thoughts…

Once in a while I have those moments that every educator has “why?! why am I still doing this?”. This year I’ve had a parent that has made me cry…one of those “dear Jah thank you for this gift” cry.

Today she did it again via WeChat. “Thank you dear, he is so lucky having you💝💝”. What she doesn’t know is that I’m the blessed (lucky) one. Everyday she trusts me with her youngest child, her baby. This is the child who would run from my hugs in the beginning of the school year…but now blows me kisses, hugs me, and never wants to leave at the end of the day.

Even his mum notices his “change” and says “thank you for helping him have a beautiful mind”.

I know that being an educator has its ups and downs, but it’s moments like these that keep me going.


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