Tell us about China Miss Hunter | Q & A from Students

So for a few days now, I have had teachers to inbox me via Facebook, Instagram, and even my travel blog SnapChat to ask me questions about China.  These questions aren’t from the teachers, but from their students.

So this is what I would like to do.  Below you will find a banner with a link.  This link will take you to a Google Doc where you can place your questions.  For the next three weeks on my Thursday “Teacher Talks” via Periscope I will answer the questions sent in.

Tell Us about China

Here link for the “Thursday Talks” is below in the banner. 🙂


A LOT of banners, I know! Miss Marla is here in China
trying to be all creative and stuff!

If you happen to miss the “Thursday Talks” please hop on over to my replay! <—- click the link to watch 🙂


Mz Hunter Teaches

FB Pages: I Live. I Love. I Teach!
Instagram: @mzhunterteaches
Twitter: @mzhunterteaches
YouTube: Miss M. Hunter
Periscope|Blab: @mzhunterteaches


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