Classroom Convos Part 3 | China

Welcome to another edition of “Classroom Convos”.

Below you find a few of the conversations that took place over the last two days. Enjoy!


Me: Here you go! *hands back paper snowflake* You can turn it in now.

S: But Miss Mahla I not done yet.

Me: Oh…my bad!

S: *looks at me with questioning eyes* But Miss Mahla it is not bad. It does not look good?!

Me: oh I’m sorry sweetie. “My bad” is like saying “oops” or “I didn’t know” or “I’m sorry”. So now you can say “my bad” if you need to say those.

S: ooooooooh… ok.

*standing in line for recess*

S1: using chinese

Me: hey ____ English please.

S1: ooops My bad!

Me: yaaaaasssssss!!

S2: My bad?! I don’t want bad!!

S1: NO!! It do not mean bad, it mean “i’m sorry” or “ooops”

S2: oooooooh…My bad!

S1: yes! good!


*on the carpet with puzzles*

S: Miss Maaahlaaa look! *uses puzzle to scrape his leg*

Me: Dude! *laughing* You’re ashy. Did you put on lotion this morning?

S: What is lotion?

Me: Lotion is a cream that helps to make our skin soft and not ashy.

S: My brown in turning white!!

Me: YEEEAAAAH! That happens when you don’t use lotion. Your brown can get ashy.

S: It’s like chalk!!

Me: yep! I’m going to bring you some lotion tomorrow.

S: So no ashy?!


S: Yes you can!

Me: yes, so you won’t be ashy.

S: Fank you so very very much!


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