Best Lesson EVER! | China

Sometimes the best lessons ever are the ones NOT on the lesson plans.  Today my little friend, Andy, helped to bring out the BEST lesson so far in my Kindergarten classroom in China.

Sometimes as English speakers we have sayings that just don’t make sense and our ESL/ELL students don’t understand.  Honestly, there are terms in English that native English speakers don’t understand sometimes.

Below you will find two TeacherScopes that I was able to do today after the “Best Lesson EVER!”  I was also able to to get my Teacher’s Assistant, Mr. Yellen, to record the epic learning.  I will have to put it all together and put on my Teacher YouTube channel later.  In the meantime, enjoy the Periscope review below.


Kindergarten Teacher in China | Funny Times 

Follow up QnA | Kindergarten Teacher in China.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! 🙂


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