So you want to be an International Educator?! | Part 1

So you’re tired of teaching in your home country and what to try International Teaching? Honestly, there’s no time like now to do so. “Where do I being?”, you ask. Taaaa-daaaa….let me help you!

Here’s Part 1 on “How to become and International Educator”

Please note the information that will be given is for those that hold a certification in education and currently are teaching.

Types of Schools

The three types of International Schools are composed of U.S. Department of Defense Schools, US Department of State Schools, and finally Independent Schools. These schools are usually American, British, or Canadian.  Many offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.  Matter of fact most International Schools are headed in this direction.

Just remember that schools can say that they are “international”, but what teachers often call a “true international school” is a school that enrolls students from a variety of countries.

Teacher Qualifications

There are schools that will hire teachers without formal qualifications, but this is not what you want.  You want to be able to compete with others who are also applying so you will need at least two of the following

  •  a Bachelor’s degree,
  • a valid teaching license in the subject you plan to teach
  • two years experience

You have those? GREAT! Let the games begin.

FYI…If you’re not on Periscope download it! Why?! Every Thursday I go and discuss International Education.  With this being recruiting season for International Schools, for the month of November I will will be discussing “How to become an International Educator”.



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