Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) | International School Version

So this year began my career change from being an educator in The States to venturing into the world of being an International Educator.  There are a LOT of differences between American Schools and International Schools. I will discuss the differences between the two in another post.

Right now I would like to address some things that I have noticed as an International Educator.  Alrighty, here goes…

  1. Activities
    • These are very important, however too many after school activities can wear your child out.  When your child has an activity everyday including on the weekends they get burnt out, especially when they are younger.
    • I know that, depending on your culture, you may have your child in Saturday school and tutoring after school, and these are ok, just be sure to look at the hours they are spending.  How many hours is your child in sports, music lessons, tutoring, and Saturday school?
  2. Homework
    • Depending on your child’s age he/she may not receive homework, but if they do please refer to #1.
    • Also, please allow your child to try and do the homework themselves.  When you, the tutor, or ayi (housekeeper) does the homework your child isn’t learning.  Homework is a review of what has already been taught and in lower grades it shouldn’t take them more than 10 mins to complete. So, let your child(ren) complete the work.  They are more than capable of doing so! 🙂
  3. Coursework (Middle/High School)
    • According to Mekisha Hugh, M.S., M.Ed., High School Counselor at a top tier International High School in China – Students should be academically challenged by rigorous coursework. Encourage your child to take an AP class or two.  Colleges look at that favourably.
      • Two classes are good, anymore than that might be too stressful.
  4. Languages
    • Your child may come into the school knowing English or whatever the language that will be spoken at the school.  Sometimes your child may not know that language at all.  Here are some tips.
      • Encourage you child to learn the language but trying to learn yourself. This shows you child that you are supporting him/her.
      • Yes, your native tongue is important, but if your child only speaks English, French, Italian, etc. at school then most of the times it’s forgotten if it’s not being reinforced at home.
      • Get a language tutor.
  5. Behaviour
    • Be sure to monitor your child’s adjustment level to your new host country, especially in a country where xenophobic behaviors are rampant. – Mekisha Hugh, M.S., M.Ed., International High School Counselor

Click here to learn more International High School information with Mekisha Hugh, M.S., M.Ed., International High School Counselor.


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