A Change in Teacher History!

Isn’t this just the neatest pic EVER!? lol

Well now that I have gotten your attention here’s what’s taking place!

There will be a change happening with my Teacher Blog!

OH don’t worry! It’s ALL good!

I will be removing some aspects and adding some…..what’s the addition you ask?!

I Live. I Love. I Teach & Swim!, LLC

*happy dance*

I am NOW an official business with two parts – I Teach! and I Swim!


  • located on this website
  • focuses on the ins and outs of teaching and education
  • focuses on teacher professional development
  • tutorial services


  • located —-> http://www.iliveiloveiswim.wordpress.com
  • focuses on water safety
  • swimming instruction

Well… those are the changes!

Mz Hunter Teaches
FB Page: I Live. I Love. I Teach!
Instagram: @iliveiloveiteach
Twitter: @RHOyalEducator
YouTube: Miss M. Hunter
Email: misshuntersblog@gmail.com


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