New School Year. New Students…Funny Times!

It’s a new school year…

I’m at a new school…

I’m only teaching 1 grade this year…

I have AMAZING parents…

I have students in my class and in other teachers’ classes that make me laugh…

When I say laugh, I mean one of those double over, crying tears, gut hurting laughs.  The type of laughs that make me snort extremely loud.

So here’s the story….

There’s this lovely child in another teacher’s class and he look at me at lunch Monday and here’s the convo:

S: Miss Hunter?! Do you know your name is Hunter?

Me: Yep, I sure do!

S: So what’s your real name?

Me: Hunter

S: NOOOOO…what’s your real name?

Me: Hunter (walks away)

Then there was Wednesday…


S: Mrs. Hunter?!?!?

Me: nope..I’m Miss Hunter.  Mrs. Hunter is my mum…she’s married to my day.

S: *scrunches up face* *smiles* (walks away) hmmmmmm….

Finally, today at dismissal…

S: (running down hallway to classroom) HUNTER!!! (stops suddenly) ummm…MISS Hunter?!

Me: (looks down to try not to laugh in child’s face)


Honestly, this child makes my day!  He may not be in my class, but I’m that candle that he’s drawn to and I’m ok with it!


Mz Hunter Teaches
FB Page: I Live. I Love. I Teach!
Instagram: @iliveiloveiteach
Twitter: @RHOyalEducator
YouTube: Miss M. Hunter



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