The Annoying Common Core Math Picture

I’m sure you all have seen it, the angry parent Common Core Math equation picture on Facebook via Tammy Mikesell Howell.

If not, here it is…


or this one…


Now….for my teacher rant.

I keep seeing these “Common Core Math” pics. *clears throat* no child learns the same, which is the reason for Common Core. There is no “old way” and “new way”. It’s called problem based learning and teaching our children that there are many ways a mathematical equation can be solved.

Do you really think that countries outside of the US do math one way and one way ONLY?! I’m Jamaican American and when I got home from school I had “school” again. This is when I was really able to use my brain that God gave me to discover these “new ways”. That’s what Common Core is about…discovery eduction. This is so your child can compete with everyone and anyone world wide. This is so that your child can think outside of the box.

So if you’re fine with your child doing the “old way” and going about business as usual, keep complaining. But don’t complain when your child is unable to compete with everyone and anyone. If you don’t understand this is the point where you get involved with your child’s education and ask the teacher to help you to be able to help your child at home.

Remember parents are the FIRST educators and that there is life outside of the USA and their test scores are far better than ours!!

*drops teacher pointer and mic*

Teachers and those who love us, help me make this go viral! Share this post EVERYWHERE!! 🙂


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