Teacher/Teaching Woes – Part 2

So today begins the first part to this lovely series…

oh well… if you’re not you better get ready! lol

So I’m sitting here at lunch. My students are eating and I’m showing a movie… and then I remember a moment in my teaching career.

I remember a time when I had a child in my classroom.  I was teaching Kindergarten and this child was a repeater and his mom spoiled him SEVERELY!

I remember getting a note from this said mom asking me to do the following…

  1. write down every time he asks to go to the restroom
  2. write down every time he goes to the restroom
  3. write down every time he urinates on himself
  4. change his clothes if/when he urinates on himself

You already know that I did a double take and read the note like 10 times.  It was so crazy that I asked another teacher to keep an eye out on my students and took the note to my principal.

As I walked into the main office and to my principal’s office the urge to laugh came over me, but I didn’t.  I knocked on the door and handed my principal the note and then sat down.

She held that note in her hand for what seemed like an eternity. Then….

Now THIS is when I began laughing and of course anyone who knows me, that when I’m having a GOOD laugh i begin the snort.

After we both calmed down, my principal called the parent and explain that the things on the note would not be able to be done at school or in Miss Hunter’s classroom.  The parent had a few choice words and my principal told her that she could come by the school during dismissal to discuss the matter further.

In the end I was NOT required to write down ANYTHING nor did I have to change anyone’s clothing!!

Oh…and dont’ forget if you would like to share your Teacher/Teaching Woes, feel free to email me at misshuntersblog@gmail.com


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