Teacher/Teaching Woes – Part 1

For the next few posts (no, I’m not sure how many, but a few does mean more than 3 lol) I will be talking about…

Teacher/Teaching Woes

I am in my 9th year of teaching and for some I’m still a newbie and for others I am a veteran.  Whatever the case may be I am a teacher.

I absolutely, 100% LOVE my career.  However, there are those good days and then those days when all you want to do is to…

It could be that:

  1. child who hears you but yet somehow forgets what you said
  2. that parent that calls/text/emails you for everything
  3. the child who tells you everything that you don’t really want to know
  4. that parent that bring their entourage (brother, sister, daddy, mother, cousin, cousin 2x removed) to parent teacher conferences

the list can go on and on…

Well, get ready for the BESTEST teacher blogging series of your sweet little life!! 🙂

Oh…and if you would like to share your Teacher/Teaching Woes, feel free to email me at misshuntersblog@gmail.com


Mz Hunter Teaches
Email: misshuntersblog@gmail.com

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