You know you’re an elementary teacher when…


– there is a strong MUST for a Tattle Tale in your classroom.

– you know way more about your student’s families than you will ever want to know.

– your class has had/passed every form of contagious infection/fungus/infestation known to children (common cold, lice, ringworm…. check)

– you have at least three little boys that can NEVER sit still (at seats or on the carpet)

– you take the entire class to the restroom and once back in the room (in no less than 5 minutes) at least two children must go to the restroom, and it is an emergency.

– your students bust out in random song during read alouds (mostly KISS).

– there is one little girl in the class that believes she knows more about teaching than you and insists that when she is a teacher, students will only get only one chance and then be sent to the principal’s office.

– you can not enter a store without looking at something and saying, “Could I use this in my classroom?”

– many good names you have considered for your future children are now scarred.

– you realize that at the end of a long day, although you are exhausted beyond belief, you could not have chosen a more rewarding profession and you would not change it for the world.

Mz Hunter Teaches

2 thoughts on “You know you’re an elementary teacher when…

  1. when you empty your pockets at the end of the day and you find several praise notes, broken pieces of crayon have melted into the fabric, at least one small toy/object a child was playing with, a marker without a lid, and other random objects.

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