1st Week of School = DONE

well…I’ve made it!  today marks the first week of school completed.

*wipes forehead*

this has been soooooo busy!

  1. new school
  2. new students
  3. new parents
  4. placement test for math groups, reading groups, and spelling groups
  5. trying to keep my classroom in order = simplicity is the keyword this year
  6. did i say new school, students, AND parents?!

I’m just glad for the Sabbath and this weekend….oooooooh that’s right! working at a church school brings about different things.  this weekend i have to go do a school spotlight at one of the area churches…oooooh joy…

YAAAAAS!! how i’m feeling RIGHT now!

well, i guess i don’t really have a choice though… lol

some fun things….

      1. we celebrated International Left Handers Day
      2. we celebrated National Joke Day and created a classroom Joke Book!
      3. we made a video for my Annual Birthday Book Drive…check it out! the kids did a really excellent job, if i do say so myself


Mz Hunter Teaches

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