Summer Tips for Parents 2K13 – Part II

I hope that you all enjoyed the Summer Reading List!  If you haven’t had to chance to check it out, please do so. 🙂

Summer gets so busy for some and for others it can be kind of boring.  Today, I will be giving a website full of…

picture taken from Infinity Math Tutoring

Helping your child become a mathematical thinker is an important way to support your child’s classroom learning.

Children typically forget some of what they learned during the school year if they don’t engage in learning activities over the summer. This is particularly true in math. A study by researchers at the University of Missouri shows that on average, students lost about 2.6 months of math learning over the summer.

Here are some easy tips for summer math learning via PBS:

  • Use everyday errands as learning opportunities. Laura Burns, an elementary math tutor in Mansfield, Ohio, has her favorite place to teach her own young children math: the grocery store. “We review numbers while we choose groceries, for example, adding the quantity of apples, looking at prices to reinforce decimals and even doing simple number recognition while standing in line.”
  • Turn children’s collections into math lessons. Children love to collect and gather items, especially at the park, beach, forest or even in the backyard. Encourage children to sort their items by size, color, shape or texture. Tuohy suggests, “If a child loves to be outside and observe nature, the child could do a scavenger hunt where they have to find a specific number of leaves, rocks, sticks, etc. With an activity like this, the child is actively engaged in a real experience that is based on his specific interests.”
  • Follow your child’s interests to guide learning. No two children are alike, and especially so if you have both a son and a daughter. Girls often thrive with visual examples, so if your daughter likes the backyard garden, Booker suggests allowing her to measure plants’ growth with another object and track its growth for a set amount of time.

Now for the special treat…. Below you will find the link to the Cambridge Public Schools Math Department.  Click on the banner to go to the Summer Math Activities.  These are the same ones that I give to my students for Summer Break!

Summer Math Activities via CPS!



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