State Testing Sucks but….

*DISCLAIMER* I am still quite ill and haven’t gain full vision yet, so please excuse the typos in the posts that may be posted for a while. Thank you all very much.

So my older cousin, who’s more like a sister and who’s also an educator, just sent me a text.

Now mind you it took me a minute to read the text because I’m at my ophthalmologist and my eyes are HEAVILY dilated…..the cost of my illness.

Anyway I can hear the excitement in her message. She text me to inform me that her State Testing scores came back. *let the nail biting and headaches begin*

No worries my good readers! My cousin is AWESOME!! She teaches English-3 at a STEM middle/high school. Her scores…..she had a 97% passing rate for her State Testing scores!!


Yes….it’s party time!!!

I’m very proud of my cousin!! She has worked her arse off and the scores are the part of the proof.

Sooooo…..CONGRATS DeeDee!! Mi love unno like mi love black cake!

MzHunnaTeaches (


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