Teaching = Stress

Each job has them. Mine certainly does. So much so that I’ve been advised by THREE different doctors to find a different career choice or to leave inner city school.

I won’t go into what is taking place, but this school year has been a doozy an I’ve been internalizing it all. Well my body is ANGRY and decided to fight back. I’ve been put on bed rest.

At the moment I’ve been kidnapped by my loving parents who are agree with my doctors about me finding another job.

So my fellow teachers don’t be like me. Take care of yourself and don’t internalize the stressors of life.


2 thoughts on “Teaching = Stress

  1. I’m sorry to hear this! I always love to hear of your anecdotes with the kids. Seemed you were making an impact, but I totally agree that your health comes first! You’re in my prayers. Take care of yourself! You have lives to impact!

    • Rachel that really means a LOT coming from you! I guess I’m more like my mummie than I thought. Just swallowing everything and now it’s exploding into this mess.

      You know The Lord always has His way of grabbing our attention, especially when we’ve been ignoring all the other signs. lol

      This pain is temporary but has me really looking back over the last 6-7 years. I’ve helped several and have gained a LOT…now it’s time to move on QUICKLY.

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