I QUIT! and other teacher thoughts…

**NOTICE** I want to preface this post by saying that I LOVE love my career!

There are days when I come home so tired. Where all I want to do is to climb into the bed and sleep. By the time I go to sleep my alarm is already going off and I wake up thinking “didn’t I JUST fall asleep? Is it 5:30 am ALREADY!?”

I get to work praying that all goes well, but this day….THIS day I realize why a large amount of educators go to Happy Hour after work.

Here are some things that run through my mind and the minds of fellow educators…

– Did I JUST get cussed out?! AGAIN?!
– Jesus, please have this child to be quiet
– If only I had enough sick days…
– Is it Friday yet?!
– It MUST be a full moon outside
– Your pencil should be talking, not your mouth.

But after all of this, I get this….

– Miss Hunter I love you
– Miss Hunter you look just like me! We’re both black.
– Hey Miss Hunter?! Are you ok… ((hug))
– *looks in my eyes* you’re so beautiful
– I like your hair
– I like your shoes
– Miss Hunter thank you for helping me read

So ever when I want to walk out the back door and get into Sterling (my silver Envoy)…I don’t, I won’t, and I can’t!! WHY?! This is my career…this is NOT a job AND I LOVE my students.

I remember that I can make my students do what others will NEVER be able to….

Thank you Taylor Mali for the WONDERFUL reminder….


6 thoughts on “I QUIT! and other teacher thoughts…

  1. I understand exactly where you are coming from. Aren’t their days that all you want to do is hide under your desk? Seriously. But you’re right- one of them says something that makes you smile, and realize what an impact you’re having. Before you know it, you are happily working until 8pm on a new lesson plan again. Love your post!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    • Thank you Mandy for stopping by.

      You are oh so correct. Today was one of those days again. It’s like you can’t take a sick day to take care of ANYTHING. I came back to students who had gone in my desk and stole candy and a large amount of money. Sooooo disappointing.

      One of my little ones came up to me and was like “I’m sorry Miss Hunter (tight hug) you can have my dollar”. That made the water works start all over again.

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