The Case of the Missing Pencils

Missing Pencil Poster

“Miss Hunna I need a pencil!”

“Miss Hunna there are no more pencils!”

“Miss Hunna….   *points at pencil cup*

I’m not sure what my 1st graders are doing with the pencils. EVERYDAY the 20 pencils that I sanitized and sharpened the evening before happend to disappear. It’s like they are eating the pencils, but it’s not JUST the pencils…it’s the erasers too.

Shoot! I have a central pencil cup in the front of the classroom. Everyone is to get sharpened pencil at the beginning of the day. If during the day a pencil breaks or gets too dull, they can trade it out for a pencil from the cup in the back of the classroom. 

At this point I am soooooo ready to throw in the towel and to throw a Pre-K style temper tantrum. Can’t we just use pens?!  Now, we ALL know that won’t work well in an elementary school classroom….especially 1st grade!

Where do I get the pencils from? Well, at the beginning of the year I ask all students to bring in 2 boxes of 24 pencils. Instead of letting the kids keep them and lose them (or eat them as I swear they do). I take up the boxes from the children. Then I store all of the rest of the pencils and pull them out as needed to replenish our supplies. I even purchase pencils myself…but OOOOOOOOH EEEEEEEEEEM GEEEEEEEEE! I barely have any pencils left to last me to May 24 11:30 am (yes, this is the last day of school down to the time.)


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