Dear Miss Hunter, I need help…

So what’s the countdown, my fellow teachers? Three more days until winter break? Two more days

Today is 12/12/12 and I have 4.5 day left until the Winter Break.


I actually just finished have a “talk” with my students about their behavior.  Why?! Well I received a letter from a parents stating, “Miss Hunter I don’t know what to do anymore. He won’t listen and refuses to do his work. Please help me!”

Letters like these just drain me emotionally drain me. I’m already a “big baby”, but to actually get this plea. Gosh…

I continue to read the letter and find out that my parent is need of food and that’s when I realize that I have a box of can goods in my classroom.  Why do I have these?  Well I going to donate them, but they were no longer needed so they are still in my classroom.

I called my parent, told her about the box and she began to cry.

Now to be honest with you… I am counting down to Winter Break.  Today was one of those days that I did NOT want to come to work.  But now I think, “What if I didn’t come to work today?” “What if I called in and put in for a sub?”

Yes… Winter Break = Recharging my batteries, but even though I need a recharge or even a new set of batteries…. I STILL LOVE WHAT I DO!!


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