Giveaway #1 – “Teach Like A Champion!”

A few of us from the school that I teach read a book entitled, “Teach Like A Champion”. 

So, here is our first Giveaway!!  “Teach Like A Champion” by Doug Lemov

Below are some examples of Lemov’s “champion” techniques:

Technique #5: Without Apology. If teachers aren’t on guard, they can unwittingly apologize for teaching worthy content. Kids respond to challenges, so instead of apologizing, say: “lots of people don’t understand this until they get to college, but you’ll know it now. Cool.”

Technique #22: Cold Call. In order to make engaged participation the expectation, call on students regardless of whether they have raised their hands. Cold calling is an engagement strategy, not a discipline strategy.

Technique #45: Warm/Strict. Teachers must be both: caring, funny, warm, concerned, and nurturing – and strict, by the book, relentless, and sometimes inflexible. Teachers send the message to students that having high expectations is part of caring for and respecting someone.

Along with these 49 techniques, Teach Like A Champion also includes a DVD of 25 video clips of teachers demonstrating the techniques in the classroom. You can also the view video clips of some of the techniques on

Doug Lemov is a Managing Director of Uncommon Schools and runs its True North Public Schools network in upstate New York. Mr. Lemov is formerly the President of School Performance, a non-profit providing performance data to schools, and former Vice President for Accountability, at the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute–the leading authorizer of charters in New York. He is also a founder and the former principal of the Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School in Boston, a high performing urban charter school. Over the last decade, Mr. Lemov has served as a consultant and trainer to such nationally known organizations as KIPP, New Leaders for New Schools, Teach for America and Building Excellent Schools–and is a Trustee of the New York Charter Schools Association. He holds a BA from Hamilton College, an MA from Indiana University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

This contest will end: Oct. 1, 2012

Remember to look at the Rules and Regulations if you have any questions.


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