P.E. at the Pool: Therapy for a Wonderful Student

It’s the end of the day and where am I?! Well I’m at the car dealership waiting on Enterprise to come pick me up…my poor baby (Sterling…my Envoy) is acting up. Anyway, on with the subject at hand. lol

My school and various others inner city schools have partnered with the Mid-South YMCA in Nashville to do swimming lessons with their Learn To Swim program.

My school sends our first grade classes. But there is something near and dear to my heart about the program. See not only do I teach 1st grade bout for 15 years I have been a lifeguard/swim instructor/swim teach coach for the YMCA and various other places (mainly the Y). The YMCA was my FIRST job and I’ve held on to it.

Last year my students had the opportunity to take swimming lessons at the Downtown Y. One of the students had a condition where he is unable to move his legs or arms. He too went for lessons and this became a great therapy for him. So this year, even though he is in second grade, the Y requested for him to come back. And for that I am truly grateful.

So today I got some pictures sent to me of my sweet baby in the pool. Enjoy…as much as I did.






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