He Put a Ring On It – Teacher Presents from Students


So today I’m blogging on the run. Yes, I took a 1/2 day that turned into a full day…medical stuff and the meds I got is starting to kick in so let me finish this post as quickly as I can. lol

So my duty at the school is Bus Duty. I am one of the teachers in charge of the 2nd bus riders. Well yesterday as I’m waiting for students to come into the auditorium I get a series of hugs and kisses from past and present students and some students who I haven’t had.

One student in particular comes up to me and says, “Miss Hunter, we went to the Cat Cash store today and I bought something.”. He holds out in his hand one of those metal smiley face rings. He then says, “I really didn’t want it. I got it for you Miss Hunter. Do you want my ring?!”

Inside I am laughing because all I’m hearing is Beyonce’s song “Put a Ring On It”. I finally answer him yes and he then says, “let me put it on for you.” and of course I let him.



Do you see my ring?!? Doesn’t it look gorgeous?! lol….the things we do for our students.


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