When The Roof Caved In – A Teacher’s WORST Classroom Disaster

So today began the 5th week of school here.  Yes, we have been in school since August 1st! And yes again, we have started year round school… with that being said on to the post of the day.

Today I walked into the school building at 6:30 am.  I had so much to do: like putting up my “I Can” Statements, changing the date on the board (so as NOT to hear “Mz. Hunna?! That’s the wrong code date!”), and clean off my Guided Reading Table (my principal is coming around this week to do Look-Sees).

As soon as I walk into the building a hear the sound of women heels walking in the hall, and I turn to see one my favorite Kindergarten teachers.  The beckons me to her classroom and then points to the ceiling. And to my horror this is what I see… 


As you can see from the pictures this teacher came back to her classroom over the Labour Day Holiday to a SERIOUS falling ceiling.  NOT only was her ceiling falling, but the lights in the classroom were not working as well.

What a WONDERFUL way to start you day!!

Happy Teaching Everyone! May your ceiling always remain in tact and your light always working!


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