It’s Summer Break: So what do teachers do?!

I get this question ALL of the time!!

At 4:15 p.m., when I’m done with bus duty,  head to my second job where she teach swim lessons, sometimes to 8pm at night.

But as many of you know, most school systems are out for summer vacation. In turn, that means that teachers are also on a break. So what do teachers do during their time off during the two summer months of June and July?

Some teachers must compensate for the lost of pay. Teachers are paid on a ten-month salary. Some teachers opt to have their ten-month salary split into eleven or even twelve months (mine is 12) . However, teaching is not a high salary job. Many teachers take on summer jobs, such as tutoring, summer programs, blogging, department store work, etc.

Some teachers use the summer break to continue their education. For the last three summers I participated in a Summer Math Program For Teachers.  The program is actually year round.  My school is a partner with Tennesse State Unversity’s grant: SITES-M (Strengthening Instruction in Tennessee Elementary Schools – Focus on Mathematics).  In the Summer all the teachers apart of the grant program in Tennessee met up at TSU for two weeks of math training.  Along with that a few others and I around TN went to SummerMath for Teachers (SMT) at Mt. Holyoke College for another two weeks of Math training.

Teachers spend the summer in many different ways. Some use the summer to prepare for the next year. There are a few teachers that go to school regularly and rearrange or work in their classrooms.  This is what I will have to do next week seeing that my school district is implementing year round school. So now teachers will have to be back at their schools on July 27th and the children will start back August 1st.

How do I spend my summer? Blogging, couponing (special shout out the my FB couponing group: Smart Shoppers), and teaching swimming lesson! But that is definitely not all! I use the summer months to try and visit my friends and family that live elsewhere. I will spend some time this summer preparing my room for the next school year and for more of the wonder Common Core and Teacher Evaluation changes that will be taking place.

So everyone out there that think teachers have a break in the summer…*rolling my eyes*

And to my fellow teachers…try and get some rest, because the children will be back!!


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