Spring Is HERE…the Students are on 97 Octane!!

March has hit…
The count down has begun…
26 1/2 day left until Summer Vacation!!

My students are NOT paying attention in class…sometimes I’m not sure if they ever were. lol

Spring has sprung in TN and the weather has been crazy nice! I mean like 80 degree weather nice. With this nice weather come students who turn a bit…ummm….yeah I have no words to describe it! 🙂

But for those of you who are feeling like I am, here are some ideas I found (that I will be implementing) while blog hopping. ENJOY! 🙂

Management Monday {Spring Edition}
– Special thanks to What the Teacher Wants!

  1. You need 2 Easter baskets and plastic Easter eggs (you need double the amount of eggs as you have students…so if you have 25 students, you need 50 plastic Easter eggs).
  2. In basket #1, you fill the eggs with the students’ names (one name in each egg). In the other basket, you fill the eggs with strips of papers that have prize names on them.
  3. Randomly throughout the day/week, pick a student to come and pick an egg out of the name basket. They open up the egg and read the name {or you can pick from the basket instead of having a student do it-I just like to involve everyone}. If that student is on task they get to pick an egg from the prize basket (If they are not on task, you just quietly put the egg back and the student know that someone that was picked was not on task).

Please Please Please go visit her Management Monday {Spring Edition} so that you can see the examples and get some FREE stuff!!

Here are a few tips to help handle spring fever(taken from My Classroom Management:

  1. Take a deep breath and realize that children are being children. 10 year-olds will act like 10 year-olds, and remembering this can help.
  2. Take breaks in instruction. Go outside for extra recess, have extra game times in the classroom and do brain breaks.
  3. Implement a spring behavior plan that rewards extra good behavior.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~Robin Williams


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