Live in Room 205

So I teach 1st grade! In my classroom there are three adults: me (lead teacher), my teacher’s aide (for my student with a physical disability), and my student teacher (here for 16 weeks).

My classroom has many many MANY adventures and my student teacher has affectionately called these “happenings” Live in 205.  So with that being said, here are a few “Live in 205” moments…

Moment #1 – The Bully

I have a student with a “bit” of a behavioural problem.  He likes to be a “bully”, however he has a crush on a cutie in my classroom who is bossy.  SO of course these two get along just fine!

Moment #2 – “The Love Note”

This is what it said (names have been changed to protect the “innocent”)

“Sally are you my girlfriend   Plese say yes   cuase if you say yes I will nevr tell on you about you kine.  GIRL FRIEND!”

Yes, this is how the letter was spelled and read! 🙂

Moment #3 – “Meditation”

ok….so it’s 8:30 am and my student teacher is in the middle of the Math Block.  I am taking homework out of the homework folders.  I almost step on a student and when I looked down to say “sorry”, I find him sitting with his eyes closed. 

I take a closer look and realized that my student is having a “Tina Turner Moment”.  He is sitting with his legs crossed and hands in a yoga meditation pose…mumbling to himself.  The child was meditating!!!

and Moment #4 – Today’s Date is….

So the kids are doing Calendar Math.  My student teacher asks a child what the year is.  What does he say?  This child says Tuesday.  I then ask the SAME question.  He then says it’s February!!! I come out of my clothes…just my sweater AND shoes.  So I ask another child what the year is, she says 2012.  I go BACK to the original child and ask the question AGAIN.  *rolling my eyes* What did this precious darling dear say?! 2013

“There are three things to remember when teaching: know your stuff; know whom you are stuffing; and then stuff them elegantly.”
  – Lola May


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