A Teacher’s ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah List

To whom it may concern:

This ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah I’m not asking for a lot.  I am an urban school teacher and if you’ve checked out the news and other social media you may see that we as teachers need a SERIOUS miracle!  So this year I am writing a ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah List.

Could you please see to it that all of our students have a healthy breakfast, a warm bed and a supportive family?  This will make learning much easier and more enjoyable.

Could parents trust in the teacher’s feedback. Just because a child doesn’t exhibit a particular behavior at home doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t exhibit that behavior in the classroom.

Can you have the community to become more involved in schools.

It would also be nice that if our students had a more commitment to education.  If teachers are giving an engaging or important lesson then the pupils should be committed and pay attention to what they are being taught. If a pupil commits to school as much as a teacher then they will fly through school.

Can every student have books to read!! Reading is FUNdamental.  Please make sure that the books contain many different topics and interests.  Then our little ones will become lifelong readers.

And last, but not least…for us teachers. I would like for us to all receive warm wishes and encouragement.  Not just that but, a pay that we all deserve.

Thank you!

An Urban School Teacher

p.s. An iPad 2 would be nice too! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Teacher’s ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah List

  1. What a list! All teachers in all places and at all levels can appreciate this. Even at the college level, I just want all of my students to find something that they are passionate about and to bring that passion into the classroom. I guess there have always been passion-less students, but does it seem to be worse? Is this a cultural thing? I hate that we live in a culture that doesn’t only undervalue education, it seems to mock education.

    And I would like an iPad 2 as well. Have a very merry ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah!

    • Hi Shane. Thanks for stopping by. You know the more I teach, each year it seems to get worse. This particular school year is the worst in my eyes.

      I would like to say it’s a cultural thing, but know all I can attribute this behaviour is to the parents.

      I know that I wasn’t the best student growing up, but I had parents who put the fear of God in me… I knew that if I messed up not only could my teacher deal with me, but I also had to come home to parents who refused to deal with foolish behaviour and a child who did not care about his/her education. Mind you my parents are Jamaican and had a British education.

      All I can do is what I’m doing and the same goes to all of us who actually LOVE, not like, what we do!

      And yes, an iPad 2 would be marvelous!!! lol

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