Classroom Addiction

I’ve come to the realization that my classroom is my drug.  It is my crack….I am a teaching junkie!!!

It is officially the Winter Break and what did I do today?! Yep…I went to the school at 9am. What was I doing?  Well…I bleached the tables, watered my classroom plants, and I completed all 21 report cards that will be sent home January 13th.

How did I come to this realization? Well a teacher friend just sent me the following message via Facebook:

Friend: how are you handling your time off? you’re mad you’re not working aren’t you? I knew it.
Me: I was at work today. The only teacher there. Doing report cards.
Friend: smh
Me: I don’t know how to stay away….I’m going back tomorrow.
Friend: intervention I tell ya
Me: I knoooow!!!

There you have it. Somebody help me!!!!!


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