Kindergarten Antics

So today I took a half day.  No, we are not on Thanksgiving Break yet…that starts tomorrow. Anywho, I get back to the school about an hour early and decide to chill in one of the Kindergarten classrooms.

As I walk through the door I was greeted with the following…

“Hey Mz. Hunna!”  “Mz. Hunna…are you gonna stay in here?!”  “Mz. Hunna, look I’m doing my wooooooooork-aaaaaaah!”

After giggling a bit, I sit down at a table to work on some blogging for my other blog page “My Life…As I See It – MHExperience”.  The teacher is looking for some papers and then the funniest thing happens…

Teacher: Class look through your papers.  I’m missing a page and it has the word “but” on it.

Class: *rustling of papers*

Student #1: *runs to teacher’s desk* But?!

Student #2: I’ve got “but”!!

Student #3: *runs to teacher* See….here’s the “but”

Student #4: *at his desk…points to his paper* See it’s a big “but”

Student #5: I know how to spell “but”!!!!  b  – u – t  spells “but”

Now I’m at my seat DYING laughing trying to grab pen and paper to write down what is taking place!  The students and finding “buts” all over the place!!

The teacher settles them down and brings a student to her table.  Here is their conversation..

Teacher: Sweetie did you color the scarecrow?

Student: Where is the S-curl at?!

Now I am falling OUT of my chair with laughter!! For those of you who do not know what a S-curl is let me explain.

This is taken from Wikipedia btw…

S-Curl is a trademark for a line of hair products produced by Luster Products designed to slightly straighten the natural hair texture of a person of African descent, so that natural wave and curl patterns are looser and more prominent. The term “s-curl” soon came to describe the hairstyle that resulted from the use of the S-Curl line products and the products of competitors.

Depending upon the strength of the application, an “s-curl” hairstyle can have hair texture only slightly less kinky than natural tightly coiled African hair. Similar to a woman’s permanent, an s-curl is applied using relaxers containing lye, and, like a jheri curl, requires continued use of specialized shampoos and conditioners to keep the chemically altered hair from becoming dry, hard, and brittle.

S-curls were most popular among African-American men during the 1990s, when many popular musicians such as Timbaland and the members of Dru Hill wore the hairstyle. While no longer wildly popular, S-Curl products and competing products continue to be sold.”

These children really made me miss my days of teaching Kindergarten!  It’s like they say, “kids say the darndest things”!

Remember that: “Good teaching is one-forth preparation and three-fourths theater.”                


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