Miss Hunna!!!!! My Tooth…

The day: Monday November 21, 2011

The time: 2:14 pm

The class: Social Studies/Thanksgiving Lesson

I was putting on a video for the kids from Learn360. My students were sitting quietly on the carpet, patiently waiting on me and of course the video.

All of a sudden I hear the following…

Student #1: (yelling) Miss Hunna!!! Her tooth fell out!!

Me: Why are you yelling at me?! and who is her?

Student #2: Me!

Me: Come here baby…

As she is walking to me, she is looking so nervous.  I new that if I did not calm her she would begin to cry.

Me: Look at Miss Hunter’s big girl! Go wash out your mouth and put your tooth in this baggie.

Student #2: (smiling) Will you take my picture and put it on the computer!?

Me: (laughing) I sure will!!





Then not 5 mins. later another sweet baby comes to my desk.

Student #3: Miss Hunter…..ummmm…..my tooth tooth fell out!

Me: bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!



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