Teaching to the test..

Last evening I was reviewing my students DIBELS and ThinkLink scores and got concerned for some of them.  Some of my precious 3rd grade students are failing my class and the tests that are given every nine weeks. These things cause me to be little frustrated and sad.  I THOUGHT that I was teaching the concepts, but after reviewing scores and paperwork I realized that what I thought I was doing was and is not enough!

Below are some things that I have decied to work on…

  • Lesson Plans– I am not a very detailed lesson plan writer, but I have noticed that when I am extremely detailed (reverting back to my Student Teaching year) I teach much better.
  • H.O.T.S. – Higher Ordered Thinking Strategies is something that I should have been doing for years.  Yeah I know! I will now start preparing questions to ask my students to get the “juices flowing”.
  • Teaching – Now I know that sounds pretty strange, but it really is a must by all teachers.  We have TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program) coming up and the majority of my students are not ready! I refuse to be one of those teachers that start to “teaching the test”! It is my goal to “teach in preparation for the test”.  If you’re teaching to the test and you’re mirroring good teaching that will enhance learning, then there is nothing wrong with that.

I want the BEST for my students! I want them to KNOW, GROW, and LEARN!


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