I Whip My Dreads Back and Forth (Remix)

The other week I posted a Blog entitled “I Whip My Dreads Back and Forth”.  Based on a conversation with someone whose opinion I value very much I have chosen to revamp the post.   Why? you may ask.  Well… I realize that EVERYONE near and wide may be reading my blog posts.  Because of this, I know that somethings about my students should and should not be said.

Yes I realize that this is my blog, BUT I also realize that the things that I post reflect not only on me, but also on my school, my school district, my principal and co-workers, and my students and their


With that being said…. “I Whip My Dreads Back and Forth (Remix)”

Today I felt about banging my head on the wall today!! I mean I actually put my head down on my reading table and knocked it a few times.  YES…today was one of those days!! As one point I even went into my closet (thank you LORD that it is a walk-in closet!!) and I paced and bit and then screamed.

Now I bet you are wondering why I did all of this. Yes my students were in the classroom. Yes, my students already think that I am crazy. No, they did not flinch an inch because they know their teacher was having a moment.  Now to explain…

As a teacher we all have “bad” days! Some points throughout my day was kinda shaky.  Some students had not brought in HomeFun! (homework), others were not paying attention, and a few just refused to do the work for the day!!

I mean….OGM!! What am I supposed to do?! Then when you tell a child to do something, hear are some things you MIGHT hear/see…

  • Miss Hunter I did that already!! (umm…it wasn’t/isn’t done so why lie about it!? LOL)
  • UUUUUGH…(in a soft voice)
  • I don’t know how to do that?!
  • What am I supposed to do?! (directions were given FOUR times already and the ENTIRE class repeated the directions TWICE!!)

Now…. I’m tired of writing notes, calling parents, making home visits, or anything else! I tires me OUT!!! Now I’ve been told that I’m NOT the one that is supposed to be tired at the end of the day….the STUDENTS are supposed to be tired!!!  SMH…this is something that I MUST work on more diligently!

So yes, like little Miss Williow Smith, I will whip my dreds back and forth because I am going INSANE!!!


4 thoughts on “I Whip My Dreads Back and Forth (Remix)

  1. Marla as a former classroom teacher I found early on that sometimes you just have to stray from the curriculum for a minute. What worked for me was to have interesting learning centers that the children could step to when they were “getting that feeling”. Too much of teaching is teacher directed. Will we get to the point where the students can explore and learn new things on their own? We in turn might discover some pretty smart kids, IJS

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