I Want My Lunchbox!!!

I bet your wonder just what I am talking about.  Well, here goes...

It’s lunch time and I have just walked my 3rd grade “Shining Stars” down to the cafe. I am now in my classroom getting things ready for the Math Block and drinking my liquid lunch (Naked Orange Mango 100% juice smoothie).  I’m at my reading table when all of a sounded I hear screaming in the hallway.  Mind you, my classroom door is shut and the screaming is getting louder and louder.  I step out into the hallway with my tape dispenser in my hand (I was taping some things) and that’s when I see it…the Music teacher and a “wonderful” student.  The student is jumping up and down screaming at the top of her lungs, “I WANT MY LUNCHBOOOOOOOOOOOOX!!” This is when I begin to help the Music teacher.

Now you would think that we would just let this little girl go back and get her lunchbox, but no no noooo! This special little one is a current issue in the school. Screaming, shouting, running, you name it she has done it.  smh…it’s such a sad sight to see actually.  This child has to be picked up and brought into my EMPTY classroom (duty-free lunch…LOL LOL LOL LOL yeah right!!) and we wait for the Principal and the Guidance Counselor.  THANK GOD for my Principal!! I don’t see how this woman does it!! She walked in, whispered a few words, and the little girl walked out with her!

I have to get this magic potion that my Principal is drinking.  I have control of my students and some others, but to have this control and RESPECT from ALL the students, I would LOVE!

Well sorry to vent and run, but my lunch break is over and I gotta go get the kiddies!


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