Hi My Name is….

So I’m just making it home.   Why? you may ask.  Well let’s see…

  1. Wednesday’s are my late day
  2. I was doing after-school tutoring to get my kids ready for state tests
  3. I needed to do some MAJOR cleaning…I have a sub coming tomorrow!
  4. Not ONLY is a sub coming, but area Principals are doing Observational Rounds

Yeah, I know I won’t be at the school, BUT I do need to make sure that things are in order.  Anywho! I was about to leave when two co-workers and I began talking. What was our topic?! That’s right you guessed it…the names of students.  Here are a few that were mentioned…

  1. Ladasha. Spelled  La-A
  2. CaHonda. (you will NEVER guess why…take some time to think about it…..) This child was CONCEIVED in the back of a Honda.
  3. MyLove
  4. Uno and Two (pronounced twao)

Ok, I’m done.  Now stop your laughing….I said stop! 🙂


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